Sunny January Day

It is a beautiful bright and sunny day in the West of Ireland, the first this new year, after a very wet and windy few weeks. So with just a jumper and willies (well I do have trousers on to, I am not naked in the lower region, what I am trying to say is that it is so mild today, no need for coat, hat and scarf)  I had a walk-around the garden. Now just to let you know I do not own a three or even a one acre garden but a fraction of an acre let’s say about a third of an acre. But I am surrounded by open country and while I do not own it, I can look at it and as the saying goes you only get six feet of it anyway at the end.

I got a new camera as a present this Christmas. Not just a point and shoot job like I have always had but a Canon and while there is auto mode there is a load of manual settings also. So I am trying it out and the photos that follow are, I must admit in auto mode with just one (where I got adventurous but do not know what I am doing) taken with the dial turned to a flower symbol. I also was given a digital photography book also, so there will be major studying to do and find out what the flower symbol, shutter speed, aperture and ISO mean. However the day was beautiful and I liked what I saw both in the garden and the photos

IMG_4689 - Copy

To the east of the cottage high in the day-time sky, could be seen this years first,

first quarter moon.

IMG_4687 - Copy

After all the heavy rain of late, the garden and surrounding land is sodden and even pooling in some areas.

 IMG_4653 - CopyAt this time of year the sun is still low, but already there is a noticeable stretch in the evening as the sun climbs ever higher to spring and summer. In this photo I was trying to capture the sprinkling dew drops on the weeping willow branch.

 IMG_4679Mother Earth is stirring, Daffodils are just peeping up through the soil.

 IMG_4663 - CopyThis photo shows a lovely surprise for me, Witch Hazel just starting to bloom. I have not noticed this on my Witch Hazel for the last three years until the blooms were all out and on the turn. My family jokes it was because I was “Chemo brained” so this proves I am getting much better, thank goodness, I do have so much to be thankful for. So here is hoping to see many, many more Witch Hazel first bloom and driving the family mad by declaring I’m the first to see spring is on the way my Witch Hazel is just starting to bloom

 IMG_4683 - CopyThis is the newest addition to my family – Bonnie, four months today.


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