Lengthening Sunlight and New Life in Streams

My rain and soot damaged bedroom wall turned out to need far more work to repair than we thought. However it is re-plastered now and I am just waiting for it to dry out to repaint.

dh lough spring

Thank goodness, there is positively “a stretch in the evenings” as they say. It does make you feel more energised and at last I was able to go for a walk around Derryhick Lake. It is one of my favourite places and it right at my own door step. I am very fortunate to live in such a lovely part of Mayo as just four to five miles from my home is Lough Conn and Lough Cullin also.


And for all the gale force wind and heavy rain down-pours the oak trees in my garden has held on to its leaves.


This morning while a lot of the country awoke to ground frost, it was quite mild here and as I was letting out the hens I could hear croaking of frogs. In the little stream at the bottom of the garden I found that the frogs had been busy bring forth new life. In a four metre stretch of the stream there were numerous patches of frog spawn.


The wild woodbine is budding which promises a heavenly scent in the summer evenings to come.



On the way in for breakfast I checked my poor gold fish (named “Resurrection” – I will tell you why named). This poor devil is on his third life. We had him for a number of years in a fish tank along with a number of others. However, to cut a long story short the oxygenator failed while I was in hospital and it was not noticed by others as they were worried about me. So when I return home they seem all dead and I removed them to the compost corner. That is when I noticed his fin move so I put him into a large oak barrel that was filled with water and with not much hope, forgot about him. It was a few weeks later that I spotted that he still lived and so I left him in the oak barrel and there he lived quite happily for three, four years. Last year in February when we had severe frost the barrel sprung a leak leaving just an inch of water so I put him into this blue plastic container, with plans for making a better home. So there’s a job I must do soon.


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