Daffodil Day 2014

daff day

This Friday 28th March 2014 is Daffodil Day in aid of the Irish Cancer Society Please Donate.

I wish to THANK YOU from the very depth of my being for the gift of life. I am ALIVE today because of the wonderfully work and research funding the Irish Cancer Society provides.


I am the only female member of my family who has made it to over 50 years of age. My Sister, my Mother, her Sister and their Mother passed away in their 40’s due to breast cancer. I am the first female of my family who has reared her children to adulthood. I have seen my children finish school; I was there for their 18th and 21st Birthdays and was there to meet their life partners and most of all you have given me the chance to be the first female in my family to see grandchildren. (when mine decide to have them). You have given my Daughter and Nieces a chance of a long and healthy life.


So when you drop you money however small into the collection boxes you are giving a huge gift.



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