Beside the River Moy to Enniscrone

enniscrone nephin

Enniscrone Breech and cloud topped Nephin in background

As the weather promised dry Friday of last week and the weekend wet and windy we went out for a drive. We had no place really planned and as we were headed in the Ballina direction we decided to carry on to Enniscrone in County Sligo.

killala tower

Killala easily recognized by its Round Tower

We spent an hour or so walking along the beach and then found shelter beside sand dunes to sit down and identify landmarks on the Mayo coastline across Killala Bay. We had a lovely lunch at Tracey’s Café and Surf Shop the food was delicious and very reasonably priced and the staff were lovely and friendly. I would highly recommend Tracey’s Café, so do drop in, it can be found on the main road in Enniscrone.

bartragh island

Moy Estuary and Bartragh Island

We left Enniscrone heading back to Ballina by the Quay Road which runs alongside the Moy, giving wonderful views of the river. There are a number of places that you can pull in with car to view the river. The first place we stopped allowed a great view of the Moy estuary and Bartragh Island.

Bartragh Island is a rather idyllic island and is of ecological significance on many levels.  It is listed as a European Union special protection area for birds as one of the most important winter feeding grounds in Europe for Brent Geese. It is also a special area of conservation (SAC 000458) due to having Atlantic salt meadows, mudflats, fixed coastal dunes, shifting dunes and embryonic dunes. Embryonic dunes are not generally frequent or abundant along the west coast of Ireland given the nature of Atlantic tides. It is the only natural barrier island in Ireland.

In 2010, Archaeologists, surveyed and recorded a magnificent Barrow on the southern end of Bartragh Island. However Bartragh Island made news some years ago as this is the island that the golfer Nick Faldo bought for I believe over 2.5 million euro where he plans to design and build a golf links. I do not think Mr Faldo has of yet, submitted his golf link design plans to Mayo Council.  Personally I would like to see Bartragh Island left as it is as the natural, idyllic island that it is now. I am not a golf player, none-the-less I believe there is enough golf courses to occupy the most enthusiastic golfer in this country. And for those that may be interested in having a round of golf on a Nick Faldo designed course I believe Lough Rynn, County Leitrim and Ballyliffen, County Donegal are two of his designs.

concrete ship

River Moy flows out to the Atlantic and concrete ship

We pulled over a number of times to admire the River Moy on our return journey home. One of the more unusual landmarks of the River Moy is the hulk of a concrete ship called SS Creteboom. Belleek Woods

Belleek Woods beside River Moy

However time was pressing so we continued homeward and there will be other days this summer to come this way again. Time again for a seaweed bath at Enniscrone and a walk in the beautiful Belleek Woods beside the River Moy.


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