A Monday Moment. Cuckoo Spit

cuckoo spit

Some things we are told by adults, when we are young and which you believe at the time, can be quite frankly.

Not worth a “Cuckoo Spit.” (as an old Irish saying goes)

 Nonetheless, looking back now some of the things we were told about nature etc were quite funny and even magical. The Cuckoo Spit has always been my favourite nonsense story and when I found out what it really was, white frothy liquid caused by Froghopper nymphs.  I was even more fascinated.

However this Monday morning I noticed quite a number of cuckoo spit on flower and grass stems than for many years and because this year in my area there has been an increase in cuckoo’s calling. For just a moment you could think –

Yes! Cuckoo Spit.


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