Super-moon Co Mayo

supermoon august 14


Perigee Full Moon (super-moon) as seen at Haremooncottage Co Mayo 11th August 2014.


We are having a late night here at Haremooncottage (it is holiday time) so I have been watching the “super-moon” phenomenon, known as a “perigee” (which means “near earth”) full moon which occurs when the Moon reaches its closest point to Earth. The moon’s orbit around Earth is an elliptical shape not a circle, so the moon can sometimes seem closer and at this time it can appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than usual. At perigee, the moon is around 31,000 miles (49889.7 km) than when it is furthest away from the Earth.

The super-moon will peak in Ireland on 11th August @ 1:38am when the Moon will be about 221,775 miles (354,157km) from Earth. With the moon being so close to the earth it will have an impact on Ireland’s coast. Spring tides are expected and this will see higher tides than normal for this time of year. This super-moon is actually the second in a trio of super-moons this summer there was one on 12th July and the next one due on 9th September. To have three in such close proximity is rare and will not happen again until 2034. In general super-moons occur on average every thirteen months.

Dates for future super-moons

9th September 2014

28th September 2015

14th November 2016

2nd January 2018

There will not be a perigee full moon in in 2017 because the full noon and perigee will not realign again (after 14th November 2016) until 2nd January 2018.

Unfortunately the full moon is making it difficult to see the Perseid meteor shower that happens at this time every year.


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