Lughnasa from the Boheh Stone

22 sunset Boheh

County Mayo has its own date to mark Lughnasa that can be witnessed from one of the most fascinating monuments around

Croagh Patrick (known as “the Reek”) which is the Boheh Stone.


We happened to be in Westport this evening and as the weather is not promised favourable for the weekend we went out the N59 from Westport to the Boheh Stone just as the sun was setting to get a little sense of a wonderful sun phenomenon. The Boheh stone displays pre-historic rock art and is located at a significant position in relation to the Reek

24 sunset Boheh

In 1987 Gerry Bracken discovered that while standing at the Boheh stone (known also as St Patrick’s Chair) at sunset you can view the “Rolling Sun” spectacle on two dates 18th April and 24th August. On these dates as the sun sets the sun appears to roll from the mountains summit down the North Slope. It is thought that these two dates, with 21st December, split the year into three equal parts and it is thought that they were used to celebrate sowing and harvesting seasons

26 sun set Boheh

Even though we were two evenings early we did get a sense of the potentially sacred and ritual link that exists between the stone and the mountain as did our ancestors from the dawn of time.


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