An Indian Summer Day Out in Cong

I awoke this morning early and I think there was a little air frost here in Mayo during the night before, but by mid morning the day was sunny and bright, a typical Indian summer’s day that can occur in the autumn. As I had a day off work and the house work was done we went to Cong for the day as it has been over three years since we visited, last.

West Wall

Cong Abbey has some fine examples of early gothic architecture and masonry and the West Wall of the chapter house is my favourite part especially the doorway arch on the right.

Stone Craving

When my oldest boy was about four years old, when on a visit to the abbey he wondered if the craving on the doorway arch was of a walrus swallowing a boy (I think it does look like it) the memory still makes me smile when I look upon it.

bishop craving

Through an archway with a bishop’s head craved above in the stone in the abbey grounds leads too…

Monks fishing hse

 The Monks’ fishing house.

rory last king

The archway leading on in to the woodland has a craving reportedly of Rory O’Connor (Ruaidri Ua Conchobair) Ireland’s last High King.


Passing back over the bridge over the Cong River I spotted a Heron up in the trees where he had been disturbed from the river’s edge by a dog.

Clarks Glass

After our walk through the abbey grounds I popped in to St Mary’s of the Rosary Church to see the three light stained glass designed by the Clarke Studios I believe under Harry’s supervision. I especially love the deep rich blue colours depicting our lady and of course the beautiful elongated figures.

Turas mile mile

The Wolseley Car Club Turas Míle Míle week-long rally around Ireland was passing through Cong in the afternoon. I especially liked this car, for the Pink Panther toy sitting on the women’s shoulder.

congs tree lanes

There are some wonderful tree lined avenues around the Cong area.

lough Corrib

And just a little way outside of the village, magnificent views of Lough Corrib.

We had a wonderful day out. WHAT A WONDERFUL INDIAN SUMMER THIS AUTUMN OF 2014.



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