Autumn Equinox Time in Mayo, A Monday Moment

equinox collard dove

The weather is still magnificent here in Mayo this sunny, bright and warm Monday morning. The Collard Dove, who is this year’s new addition, waits in the silver birch tree until I put out their seed. It is now the time of the Autumn Equinox (exact time Galway 23rd Sept 2014, 03:29 IST).

The Autumn Equinox has been celebrated for thousands of years here in Ireland. At places such as Cairn “T” found at Loughcrew and Knowth near to the more famous Newgrange. The rising sun on the mornings around both equinoxes (Spring and Autumn) illuminate the passageway and chamber.

The sun is now positioned above the equator and on the day of the equinox the sun rises due east and sets due west thereby day and night are equal in length. The sun is now here after, going from north to south, making shorter days and longer nights for us.

equinox swallows

Late this afternoon, the sky was cloud covered in Mayo and I noticed the swallows gathering on the telephone wires.

swallow go south

It’s time I think, for farewells, for after the equinox, along with the sun the swallows will travel southward to the southern climes.

 And the seasons will continue to turn.



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