Living in History

sunset nov 2014

It has been mainly raining here today in county Mayo with the sun making a brave appearance however a little wishy, washy at times. I have just taken above photo from the side door of Haremooncottage which faces west and as you can see the sun is well in position to begin it’s finally descent into the horizon for today. I am surrounded by wonderful spicy aromas as I am baking my Christmas cakes and steaming my Christmas puddings.


I often stand watching my world from one of the cottage doors when the weather is not to favourable and cast my eyes skywards and wonder at what’s out there. and while I am doing mundane things like Christmas baking, history making events are happening way above us in space. At this very moment I am also keeping an eye on my laptop awaiting news about a decade-long mission of European Space Agency (ESA) Rosetta robotic space probe which is chasing Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, with the Philae Lander which hopes to descend on to the icy comet.


give this a look its informative and fun

This historic bid to land on a comet has just taken place at 16.04 County Mayo time. Am I not privileged to live in such wonderful times – imagine while we on Earth (maybe you, like me are baking) 500million km (300 million miles) the comet and Rosetta are flying through space at 60,000km an hour. And for the first time in human history we have touchdown on a comet, a comet it is believed brought the seeds of life to Earth.


and give this a look also it’s a wonderful stylish video.

Wonderful Times –  and if we can keep ourselves as a species living in harmony with all, on this beautiful planet called Earth  together

“the best is yet to come”


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