The True Face of Krampus

You better watch out…he knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!


Meet Krampus (above) an ancient goat-demon of European origin a bogeyman that punishes naughty children in contrast to Saint Nicholas, who rewards good behaving children with gifts. Krampus roams the streets on the eve (5th December) preceding St Nicholas day (6th December) looking for miss-behaving children whom he wallops with a bundle of birch branches.

He is depicted as the dark side of Christmas.

I think not … certainly not after the chaotic scenes witnessed in shops both here and Britain as bargain-hunters battled it out over electrical goods. What happen to our traditional 8th December Christmas shopping day which was also an enjoyable family day outing. We now have another American import with Black Friday and the digital equivalent, Cyber Monday.  Along with the mini-film ads this is clearly a media and marketing hype to panic shoppers to spend way too much money.  Don’t fall for it, Live within your means, don’t burden yourself, enjoy the season.

Yes we really do have to “WATCH OUT”



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