Midnight Garden

midnight garden 2014 - Copy

“Nothing stands still, except in our memory.” By Philippa Pearce. Tom’s Midnight Garden

 My father read Tom’s Midnight Garden to me when I was four or five years old. There were two reasons he told me why he chose this book for me. First the book was born in the same year as I and that the adventure started because of measles which I had at the time. I remember been totally enthralled with the thought that things may be different behind doors from what I knew to be there. I spent many weeks trying to spring into the garden or a room in our house and catch it changed in detail or time. Oh the imagination of a child.

I find more and more often at this time of year when the night has drawn in and sitting in semidarkness by the fire by yourself with no distraction of radio or TV, how thoughts come into your mind of things from the past. I remembered that story and decided to reread it. It did not let me down the magic was still there in every written word by Philippa Pearce.

 “There is a time, between night and day when landscapes sleep. Only the earliest riser sees that hour, or the all night traveller… will look on a landscape of stillness, in which trees and bushes and plants stand immobile and breathless in sleep.”

 So the above photo is of my garden asleep at Midnight.

Winter time is a good time to catch up with yourself, I think and I believe, all adults should reread a book from their childhood every now and then. Rekindle all the great memories and find your own magic again. If you have not read “Tom’s Midnight Garden” I highly recommend that you do – child or adult.

 “We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they’re called memories. Some take us forward, they’re called dreams.” By Jeremy Irons


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