New Year 2015 and Comet Lovejoy

path of comet lovejoyq2

Have a Wonderfull New Year

 Look to the sky at night – You will see wonders. Especially from now and the following few weeks, weather permitting of course. And of course here in Mayo the weather is “the weather” wet, windy with cloud cover straight from the Atlantic.  New Years Eve we got a little window between the accumulating rain clouds to catch a glimpse of Comet Lovejoy (C/2014 Q2).

Also currently a bright moon will interfere with the ability to see Comet Lovejoy however from the 7th January the moon will rise an hour later each night after sunset lending to better observing position for early-evening viewing.

comet lovejoyq2 311214

Comet Lovejoy Q2 – fussy spot between two stars down to the right from star Rigel in the constellation of Orion.

My son took the above photo for me as it moved through the constellation Lepus (of which Haremoon Cottage is named). Taking night sky photos is one of  my 2015 aspirations and if I manage to take some reasonable ones I will post them, however don’t hold your breath. Anyway here is hoping the weather will improve so I can view this comet again. Comet Lovejoy will move rapidly to the northwest from Lepus into Eridanus then into Taurus the Bull, reaching Aries my star sign 17th January.

Also look out for the Quadrantid meteor shower the expected peak night occurs from late night 3rd January until dawn 4th January and if we are lucky we might see as many as 40 meteors in one hour.

christmas engagement

We had a great Christmas and great times to come in 2015 my son got engaged to a lovely Finnish girl.

Hope the future will be good for all.


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