Comet Lovejoy. What you see is what you get.

Comet LovejoyQ2 180115

Once again I managed to take a photograph of Comet Lovejoy Q2. There are some fabulous photos of comet Lovejoy circulating all over the internet. These photos are showing a great ball like comet of bright green with a bright long tapering tail but these photos are taken with, I would say hi-tech camera gear and processing software. SHOW OFFS

I have an ordinary second hand Canon EOS 400D with the kit lens and have only used the auto settings until just recently as I have not a clue of shutter speeds, depth of field or ISO’s. This I hope to remedy this year – it is one of my 2015 aspirations.

I wish to thank Cumbrian Sky blogger for his down-to-earth, informative and interesting blogs. For it was that advice and camera settings I used which enabled me to get my photographs of the marvels of the night sky. And though my photos of the comet Lovejoy is not like the others circulating I am thrilled to bits with it. It is what it is – what you see is what you get. The night sky is still a magnificent wonder.  And do excuse the very shaky red ring marking the comet but it is below freezing here in County Mayo to night.



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