Imbolc The beginning of Spring.


The days are noticeable getting longer and already it can be seen that life is quickening within the soil as the primroses are in bloom and the daffodils are coming up well.

I have started off spring with a good spring clean of the house.  I started with the food cupboards, cleaning shelves and restocking with new supplies and for the rest of the week I plan to deal with the cloths cupboards, bookcases and sorting out other good but unused items which I will bring to the charity shop.

Imbolc is thought to have been significant in Ireland since the Neolithic period as seen in the constructed alignment of some Megalithic monuments and it is one of the four major quarter days festivals referred to in Irish mythology from medieval Irish texts. The other three quarter day’s festivals are Bealtaine, Lughnasadh and Samhain. Today in Ireland Imbolc is celebrated as St Brigid’s Day while in ancient Irish mythology Brigid was a fire goddess associated with smithcraft, healing and the hearth

This is recited while honouring the tradition of banking or dampening the hearth fire (covering the coals or embers with ashes, thus keeping the fire low but alive) on the night before Imbolc:

The sacred three – to save the hearth – to shield the house – to surround my loved people – this eve – this night – and tomorrow morn, every eve, every night and every day for evermore.


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