Foxford River Fest

It was not bad, weather wise this weekend so we went along to the River Fest alongside the River Moy in Foxford Co Mayo. We had a lovely time. I really enjoy wandering around looking at crafts stalls where I can watch and see wonderful crafts and produce that some gifted people can achieve and at Foxfords River Fest I was not disappointed.

edible food

Beside the river leading to the River Fest craft village there were some talented young buskers and a number of pots containing edible food showing what can be grown in containers and that you do not need acres of land or even a garden to grow fruit and vegetables.

bush craft

A stall offering day courses in the experience of bush craft, I like the wood spirits.


A Blacksmith firing up the forge.


Lovely pottery work – lovely blue colour.

hand craft wood

This work was one of my favourite, beautiful handcraft wood, many were made from sycamore trees. I fell in love with the candle wall mount.


The local falconer brought along some magnificent birds

little beauty

this was a friendly photo poser little chap with bells on his toes and he will have music where ever he goes.

owl eyes

is not?-  the wise owl eyes  a magnificent orange colour.

honey bees

And where there are birds there are bees, I bought a jar of honey the bee keeper said it was a bad year for the bees they were unable to produce much – if honey is not precious enough.

spun wool

A lovely lady named Rebecca brought her spinning wheel and her wonderful wool to the craft village. She does not sell her wool by number code but by the sheep’s name, it’s that lovely, I bought wool from “Pretty Girl.” so thank you sheep Pretty Girl, I must set too and knit a scarf and hat for the winter.

brass band

The brass band played while I strolled along and I ate a tasty local sourced beef-burger, delicious.

wicker salmon

there was much to see and enjoy also there was art work along the riverside – a wonderful wickerwork salmon, which the River Moy is known worldwide for its salmon.



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