To unclutter the mind A Westport Trip

I have been busy decluttering my home for some weeks now (years loads of stuff, that is never used – why do we keep things?) and it got to the stage that my mind and body just needed a rest. As the weather decided to gives us a little Indian summer last week we headed over to Westport for the day.


We stopped first at The Quays area first and had a wonderful lunch I had baked Atlantic trout it really set me up for the day. There were still many tourists from many different countries enjoying Co Mayo and lucky for them our weather behaved.  Silver cars seem to be still in vogue.

seafilled pond

After lunch we sat outside enjoying the sun and watching the world go by beside a sea filled pond . Well with full bellies I was not for walking too far, to quick, too soon.


We just took a little stroll and watched others taking a jaunt by horse and cart.

beergarden clewbay

Then spend some more time (sitting) in the beer garden looking over Clew Bay.


We drove a few miles further along the coast to Oldhead and found a place yes to sit down again and admire the scenery.

the reek

The Reek

rocky shore

Finally we stirred ourselves and had a long walk around the beach and rocky shore.

sea harvest

We spent some time studying the sea harvest seaweed which has taken on the autumn colours.

sand texture

Shoes off, feeling the warm sand on our feet and admiring the wonderful textures of the beach.


Feeling the light breeze on our face and hearing the gently movement of the sea while exploring the rocks, finding reddy-brown blubs which are Anemones all closed up while waiting for the sea to return.

crow fight

The only other sounds were screeching calls of crows fighting over some, what not.


And the wing beat of ravens retreating to the trees.

sun sparkle rock pool

As the sun goes low in the sky, making sun sparkles in the rock pools.

tide turn

And as the tide softly turns back to the shore we walk back to the car and home.



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