Haremoon Cottage Now Showing in Australia

I am absolutely thrilled at the moment.

I have been following a fantastic blog by a wonderful person named Rhonda who lives in Australia. Rhonda, some time ago decided to leave the rat race of mindless spending behind and found a much more enriching and meaningful life in her own home.

Rhonda shares this simpler life with us through her informative blogs from baking bread, making jam even making your own soap giving hits and advice about traditional skills which helps reduce you’re spending and cuts down on environmental impacts.  Rhonda does not take all the credit to herself, she often posts blogs about the work her husband Hanno does, such as gardening they are a great team.

So why am I thrilled at the moment? – Well – Rhonda on her blog Down to Earth has been posting other peoples photos of their favourite place within their homes where they “do their thing,” cooking, gardening, hobbies or just spending down time with family and friends.

And My Favourite Place was chosen this week. – Which follows.

my space

I would like to share my favourite place, though it is just a tiny area set-a-side in a corner beside the window in our bedroom. I live in a little hundred and fifty year old, three bedroom cottage in the west of Ireland in a county called Mayo not far from the wonderful wild Atlantic Ocean.

In my little corner space I sit in my rocking chair where I nursed my babies many years ago and where today I like to just read, knit and just lately I am teaching myself to draw and paint a dream I have had for so long and now at last I have the time. Life is good here.


Also on Rhonda’s blog you can join a forum with like minded folk with discussions about living simply and Rhonda has wrote a number of books on the same subject all-in-all Rhonda’s blog “Down to Earth” is well worth a visit.




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