Picture 050

Beautiful blue sky and warm sun shine. We have been very fortunate weather wise for about three weeks here in Ireland and while we had a late spring, summer came in with a bang.

Late in too May there was very little leaf growth on the trees but with this warm sunshine you could all most see the leaves growing.

Picture 062

The Oak was out before the Ash, so we are only promised a dash rather than a soaking of rain as according to the Oak-Ash folklore. By the way another peace of folklore the Oak tree blooms a tiny white flower at night only for the fairy queen to see. It has turned brown by the time humans get up, which it has – as you can see from the photo, but I live in hope that I may catch a glimpse of its white flower one early morning.

Picture 081

So everything is coming up Roses

Picture 056

And the wild Daisy turns its yellow centre to the sun.

Picture 057

As do Buttercups amongst the Herbs

Picture 086

In the mid-day sun there is plenty of shade beneath the trees.

Picture 097

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy

Picture 098

Mine you things where touch and go for these baby robins this morning. I just caught a cat pulling the pot with nest and babies out from where it was hid. I put it back as best I could and cordoned the area off with sheep wire. And I am so happy to say that both parents are very busy still feeding them and did not abandon them.


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