Spring Equinox and Loughcrew

daffs 14

Today is the Spring Equinox; Earth’s two hemispheres are receiving the sun’s rays equally. Night and day are equal in length. At the equinox the sun crosses the celestial equator to enter the sky’s northern hemisphere. Because Earth does not orbit upright but is instead tilted on its axis by twenty-three and a half degrees, Earth’s Northern and Southern hemispheres trade places in receiving the sun’s light and warmth most directly. We have an equinox twice a year in the spring and autumn.

Today is a good day for finding due east and due west from your own garden. Just go outside around sunset or sunrise and notice the location of the sun on the horizon to familiar landmarks.

throne hags chair loughcrewpicture from Knowth.com

The megalithic tombs at Loughcrew County Meath situated at Slieve na Calliagh (Irish: Sliabh na Caillί meaning “the Hags Mountain”) which are dated from about 3300 BC. Cairn T which I have been it to, though not at the equinox unfortunately, is aligned to receive the beams of the rising sun on the spring and autumnal equinox, the light shining down the passage illuminates the art on the backstone.


Click on the link below to see this wonderful event.


spring lambs 14

My birthday which is 21st March generally always fell on the Spring Equinox however the last time was in 2007and unfortunately I will not again in this life time, as the next spring equinox will not fall on the 21st March again until 2102.

For the remainder of the 21st century, the March equinox will fall on 20th March or 19th. The next 19th March equinox will be in the year 2044. This info can be checked out at earthsky.com.

willow buds 14

However the signs of spring are all around, the daffodils are blooming, the lambs are a leaping and the willow tree buds are busting releasing pollen for the early bees.


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